If you would have asked me as a child what I wanted to become when I grow up, I should have answered I don’t know.
But. Well, secretly. Actually. My daddy was a bookbinder and I grow up in a house filled with books.
All I wanted, later when I grow up, was becoming a writer. I loved writing stories.

Feelgood writer Nathalie Koenekoop

I never know what to answer when people ask me now what I am doing, now I grow up.
I would prefer to say that I am a writer. But at the moment I have not finished my book yet, and writing is only costing me money. I am a feelgood writer in becoming.
As I am down to earth and serious, I love my current job besides writing. I work for Swiss Point of Care, a company that is passionated about health. Something that is also important in life.

Writing is my passion. Music is my muse.
Besides writing, I also love music. I played bass guitar in several bands and worked for ten years in a music venue. I love to go to concerts and festivals, and I love writing about music.

In 2022 I will start my own selfpublishing adventure. Yes. I am not looking for a publisher.
My very first manuscript has come a long way, but never achieved that publisher’s contract. And after interviewing some self-pubbers for Hebban, a dutch book platform, I was inspired by this indie thing. Read with me in my ordinary writerslife blog.