Holiday reads

My favorite holiday is flying to the Canary Islands with a suitcase full of books, reading a lot by the pool during the day, and watching local bands performing in the pubs at night. This year I did it differently. With the family we rented a house with pool for two weeks in the Costa Brava and I really loved it.

Now that I have a Kobo e-reader, it saves space and weight in my suitcase, but I still have a love for paperbacks. I like to rummage through mini-libraries, and I always leave some paperbacks behind as well. In our house there were some books, but mainly thrillers. I have now supplemented it with a few feel-good books. Because we went by car, I could at least pack a lot and this time I also took my laptop with me on holiday. A good idea, because I also continued writing my own feel-good novel during the holidays.

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A selfpubber, also known as an indie author, does not write for a publisher, but does everything himself. Publishing a book is not something you just do, there is a lot involved. In addition to being a writer, you are your own publisher and you also do the marketing yourself.

Selfpubber 1.0: Bittersweet

In 2016 I embarked on the selfpubber adventure and published the chicklit novel Bitterzoet. Without proper preparation and much too soon. I made a lot of mistakes then. Still, I’m happy with this experience. I now include the mistakes from then in my preparations, such as having to outsource some things that you are not very good at, such as cover design. And that an editor is also very important.

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